Organisational Structure

The Organizational Set up of the Association is as follows:

a.) The General Assembly: This is the body made up of all registered members of the Association. It is the supreme and highest decision making organ of the  Association. All major policy decisions must be referred to and approved by the general assembly.

b.) Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is like the Board of Directors of the Association. It is the highest policy making body of the Association.

c.) Trustees: The trustees are appointed from reputable people in the industry and society. They Provide advice to Executive Committee/Association and mediate within and between the Association and other associations and organizations, and assist in various other ways such as soliciting for funds, lobby and advocacy on behalf of the Association.

d.) Standing sub committees: The Association has three sub committees for 1) Administration and Finance; 2) Technical; and 3) Business Development.

e.) Management: There is an Executive Secretary for the Association, responsible for the day-to-day running, who heads the secretariat. Other Support staff assists him in implementing the policy decisions, programs and activities of the Association.

Executive Committee

Mr. Thomas Etuh (TAK Continental) – President
Alhaji Saidu G.B Zakari  (Golden Fertilizer) – Vice President
Alhaji Abdu M.Kanti (FSFC) – General Secretary 
Alhaji Misbahu Bello (MBS Merchants Ltd) – Financial Secretary 
Mr. Pius Kole-James (Cybernetics) – Advocacy/Publicity Secretary
Mr. Jake Dangiwa (Chicason Group) – Treasurer 
Mr. Gideon Negedu – Executive Secretary